Bokföring på engelska

This is a small introduction in Swedish – English will follow bellow.
Vi erbjuder även ej svensktalande entreprenörer med hjälp kring bokföringen. Det gäller oavsett om man bor i Sverige och har, eller vill etablera företag här. Eller om man har ett befintlig företag utomlands och vill etablera i Sverige. Vi säkerställer att Svensk lagstiftning följs samtidigt som myndigheter får alla formella dokument på Svenska.

Sense4 Solutions – In english

We are a small accounting firm specialized on the Swedish market. We help entrepreneurs that live here or abroad to follow all legal requirements concerning annual reports and all kinds of tax declarations. If you are about to establish a business in Sweden we can strongly advice you to get help from start.

We are a small company in Halmstad, a small town in southern Sweden. We do work nationally since Sweden is a quite small country. From Halmstad airport to Stockholm Bromma Airport it takes one hour to fly. From Halmstad to Copenhagen, Malmö or Gothenburg we go by train and it takes about 90 minutes to travel.

Since we are a small company, we are also cost efficient. We charge according to your company growth – and we call it growing together. The more your annual revenue rises the more we will charge for our services. This usually fits all sizes of companies wanting to establish in Sweden.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.